Why Web Research Services ? Internet is one of the key sources which generate pool of data every day. These data are present in raw form in various web pages and internet based sources. Businesses need to extract the relevant data from this massive pool of resources, transform them into usable information, store them in data warehouses and use them as and when required. But web research is a highly skilled task and can pose grave challenges to an unskilled computational firm. This will eventually get reflected back in the degraded quality of services.

we understand that accurate and knowledgeable web research is the key element that can give a business competitive advantage in this competitive ambience. We also appreciate that web based data collection and data scrapping are the most effective yet highly economical measure to conduct secondary market research.

We believe in providing the best quality of service for which clients are paying us. The years of on-field experience has taught us that internet resources are available in a wide gamut of types and formats. Therefore, we offer different types of web research services in order to analyze every possible internet resource with 99.99% precision so that we can retrieve the latest and the most consistent data for your business. Our motto is to attain the premium level of customer satisfaction.

Listed below are the primary web resources we explore:

  • Scientific database
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases
  • Industry newsletters
  • Media and PR resources
  • Published governmental database
  • Market research reports
  • Plus there are lots of other web based data sources that we investigate.

Offers the following web research services :

  • Data extraction from web based sources and screen scrapping services.
  • Researching emails, mailing lists and websites.
  • Tracking and producing records from raw data obtained from websites
  • Conducting online research to extract unstructured data and generate output database in Excel, Word, Access, or any other structured database formats.
  • Filling of forms and submitting them in respective online destinations.