Pay As You Go

No hidden fees

Just one flat rate for all your needs!

Pay as you go. Perfect if you’re not sure how much work you’ll need done, or you want to try out my services without commitment.

  • Hourly Rate Is 6 $The minimum charge 5 hours
  • Payment is required up front Via Paypll Or Payoneer and Upwork
  • All work is logged, and you’ll be sent details of time spent on each task along with your invoice.
  • For giving me instructions, send them via email, or a planning tool like ASANA ..
  • I don’t offer any call answering or calling services.
  • Working 7 days a week Approximate working hours : 7 Pm to 12 Pm EST (UTC + 2)
    • I have clients from all over the world, and never once has working hours been an issue with fulfilling tasks.