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Got a question? You can get a quick answer on this page to many common questions I get asked.

How do I communicate with you?

I use ASANA or Trello to communicate about work. Typically I set up a workspace for us and send you an invite link. Or we can work in a traditional way, via email. I still prefer  ASANA or Trello because of the cool integrations and tools available on the platform. Progresses are easier to track here as well.

How do I sumbit mytasks?

You can send me email with things you needed done or assign tasks on  ASANA or Trello.

How do you track time?

I use Toggl as a tool to track my working hours. I forward recorded working hours to my clients together with my next invoice, or you can ask for it anytime .

What are your working days?

I'm working 7 days a week , and predominantly on client work from 7 Pm to 12 Pm EST (UTC + 2)
5 Pm To 10 Pm UTC Time
7 Am to 12 Pm HST(UTC-10)
8 Am to 1 Pm AKST(UTC-9)
9 Am to 2 Pm PST(UTC-8)
10 Am to 3 Pm MST(UTC-7)
11 Am to 4 Pm CST(UTC-6)
12 Pm to 5 Pm EST (UTC -5)

I need something done now now now!

If you have important tasks, the earlier in the week I get them or be notified they are coming the better. As the week nears to a close, all my time may be scheduled with other clients, so your tasks may not be able to be completed. Honestly, I will do my best to get things done, but there are only so many hours in a day. A  ASANA or Trello workspace helps here as you can buffer tasks ready for each week.

How should I share large files with you

When transferring files, you can either send them to me via WeTransfer, upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive and share the folder with me.

I want to contact you on WhatsApp/Messenger/Snapchat

I prefer to keep our conversations via  ASANA or Trello and Email only, and that’s a boundary I wish you’d respect. Imagine leaving work and you start getting private messages from your clients because you don’t reply to their emails. No one wants that and I don’t expect my clients to treat me that

I need help with a task that involves a lot of steps, how do I describe this in my instruction?

I’d normally advise clients to create a screen recording video and upload them to YouTube to explain the tasks. As a bonus, if you stop using me for any reason, you have the explanation videos already made for your next VA.
Along with the video, it’s best to provide clear instructions of what you want and expect from each task you set.

What is your current time zone? Would this affect our working relationship?

I’m currently based in Egypt and my timezone is UTC+2. My timezone does not affect our working relationship at all. I like to be clear with my clients that if you need time-specific assistance, then I may not be able to offer this yet.

What is your resume?

You can check out my Upwork profile if you’re curious about me!

Can I fire you?

If you don’t think we are a good fit for each other or expectations are not met, then of course, I am not going to force you to work with me! I politely request that clients give me a period of notice.
Please remember, firing works both ways. If I don’t feel like it’s working out, I can make the decision to stop us working together.

How do I pay?

I require a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week of work to keep you as a client. This is invoiced even if you don’t use my time. Just like my time, the time I assign to you does not accumulate or rollover. Payment is also generally required up front and paid electronically.

I accept international payments PayPal Or Payoneer( accepted credite card ).

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

No questions asked money back guarantee: If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your service within the first 5 USED HOURS , I will gladly refund your MONEY .

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